Monitoring of the SFDRR

Monitoring of the SFDRRJCC-DRR becomes the focal network on monitoring of implementation of the SFDRR, and constructive discussion platform is created with Japanese government (Cabinet office) on SFDRR implementation in Japan.

Mainstreaming of DRR

Mainstreaming of DRROn some key thematic areas (e.g. gender, children and youths, disability, etc.), initiatives that mainstream DRR into relevant sectors are conducted, which contribute to the enhancement of the DRR capacity in Japan as a whole.


AdvocacyJCC-DRR’s global advocacy on lessons learnt from Japan leads to concrete implementation of risk reduction measures regionally and globally based on the SFDRR, including risk reduction on nuclear power plants. Also, lessons learnt from Japan as well as progress on the implementation of the SFDRR in Japan are captured in key DRR forums and documents.